How to load your car for a holiday

When it comes to packing, many families have numerous arguments about how it should be done. We Brits always seem to take far too much stuff with us when going on holiday as we worry that we may need something that we do not have with us.

When it comes to packing the car, there is a way of doing it to allow you the most space and to be able to access anything you may need on the journey. Ideally before loading anything in to the car you need to have it altogether in one room. This will allow you to first check that you are going to be able to fit it all in. If not then you have time to go through and streamline your packing to make more room.

Once you have everything together you should start by loading the heaviest items in first. These will be very hard to access whilst on the journey so you need to make sure that you will not be needing anything. If you are taking suitcases then you will probably want to put them in first so they can lie flat. If you are taking food and drink they ideally need to be wedged in so they can not spill or get damaged. Items such as pillows etc may be able to go in with the passengers to free up room in the boot.