Are we nearly there yet? The nightmare of long journeys

One of the downsides of any family holiday could be said to be the journey to the holiday destination and if you have ever travelled long distances in your car with young children, you will know that it can be a stressful experience. The journey can be made easier for everyone however by ensuring the children are entertained it some way and kept busy as this will make the journey appear shorter. Some vehicles have DVD screens that are built into the car and are valuable on longer journeys especially if they can be used with headphones so that the child can watch their favourite programmes whilst you can listen to your choice of music.

A good investment for any family trips away is backseat organisers which fit on the back of the front seats. These organisers have small pockets that can store children’s favourite snacks and drinks along with larger pockets for mobile devices and colouring books and crayons. The children can then easily reach the activities without disturbing the driver and front seat passenger.

Fold out plastic lap trays that fit onto the car seat can be purchased and are a useful way for children to have a surface on which to draw or rest a book or mobile device or to be used as a picnic tray for snacks and drinks.