Are your travel documents safe?

When holidaymakers are again able to travel abroad the documents that they need to take has increased as many travel companies may want to see evidence of Covid vaccinations and tests along with the routine documentation that is required. Hotels may also want to see these documents along with the normal booking confirmations and passport documents. Keeping these documents safe is a concern but there are a few ways of making sure that your paper documents are secure whilst still being easily accessible if needed.

Using a plastic A5 size zip close wallet is a useful way to keep your documents in one place, test results, passports, holiday confirmations and insurance documents can all be kept together but they are easy to get to if required to show them on your journey. This size should fit easily into a handbag or a pocket in your hand luggage. Additional documents such as boarding passes can be put in the plastic wallet when they are issued ensuring that they too are kept safe.

It is important to take care of your documentation as you are travelling but also when you arrive at your holiday destination. Most hotels provide a room safe sometimes for a small additional charge and it is advisable to secure your documents and travel money in the safe for the duration of your holiday as some insurance companies insist on this in order to cover you for any theft of money or valuables.