How to make your staycation a success

Holidaying in the UK is not everyone’s cup of tea as the unpredictable weather and expensive prices cause many people to jet off abroad to the sunnier climes of Spain or Greece, but this year is different. Many holidaymakers have been faced with no choice but to holiday in the UK and while some have been lucky enough to book into a hotel or find self-catering accommodation others have had to fork out for a tent and other camping equipment and get back to basics with a camping holiday.

Although a camping holiday with a family may not be as relaxing as a holiday abroad it can still be fun even if the weather cannot be relied upon to be dry for the whole of the holiday. The important thing is to be prepared -that means packing clothes for sunny weather and for rainy days too. Wellies may not seem necessary but when the grass is wet, and the kids need to go across the field to visit the toilet block it saves getting wet trainers but equally crocs or flipflops are useful.

Most campers tend to light up the barbeque for meals which is an easy way to cook if the weather is dry but during inclement weather eating out or visiting the local fish and chip shop is a better option, and there is no washing up.

Are your travel documents safe?

When holidaymakers are again able to travel abroad the documents that they need to take has increased as many travel companies may want to see evidence of Covid vaccinations and tests along with the routine documentation that is required. Hotels may also want to see these documents along with the normal booking confirmations and passport documents. Keeping these documents safe is a concern but there are a few ways of making sure that your paper documents are secure whilst still being easily accessible if needed.

Using a plastic A5 size zip close wallet is a useful way to keep your documents in one place, test results, passports, holiday confirmations and insurance documents can all be kept together but they are easy to get to if required to show them on your journey. This size should fit easily into a handbag or a pocket in your hand luggage. Additional documents such as boarding passes can be put in the plastic wallet when they are issued ensuring that they too are kept safe.

It is important to take care of your documentation as you are travelling but also when you arrive at your holiday destination. Most hotels provide a room safe sometimes for a small additional charge and it is advisable to secure your documents and travel money in the safe for the duration of your holiday as some insurance companies insist on this in order to cover you for any theft of money or valuables.

Are we nearly there yet? The nightmare of long journeys

One of the downsides of any family holiday could be said to be the journey to the holiday destination and if you have ever travelled long distances in your car with young children, you will know that it can be a stressful experience. The journey can be made easier for everyone however by ensuring the children are entertained it some way and kept busy as this will make the journey appear shorter. Some vehicles have DVD screens that are built into the car and are valuable on longer journeys especially if they can be used with headphones so that the child can watch their favourite programmes whilst you can listen to your choice of music.

A good investment for any family trips away is backseat organisers which fit on the back of the front seats. These organisers have small pockets that can store children’s favourite snacks and drinks along with larger pockets for mobile devices and colouring books and crayons. The children can then easily reach the activities without disturbing the driver and front seat passenger.

Fold out plastic lap trays that fit onto the car seat can be purchased and are a useful way for children to have a surface on which to draw or rest a book or mobile device or to be used as a picnic tray for snacks and drinks.

Relax and enjoy that camping holiday

Many people are going to be camping for their holiday this year and although it may not be top of the list when you think about a relaxing break it is possible to enjoy a camping holiday with the family and get some rest and relaxation at the same time.

The key to getting the most out of a camping holiday is forward planning. Although nothing can be done to ensure good weather for your holiday if you are prepared for both rain and shine your holiday should be successful.

If you have young children with you then it is sensible to take plenty of games and other activities with you to keep them occupied throughout the day giving you time to read a good book or sit in the sun for an hour. Young children will obviously need adult supervision at all times but if you are on holiday with another adult taking turns to play with the children means that you each get time to relax.

At home most of us try to eat healthily with as little processed food as possible but to make life easier on a camping holiday try to take as much convenience food with you as possible to cut down on the amount of cooking you will need to do or buy take away food if it is available. Washing up is not simple when camping so think about using disposable plates and cutlery for some meals or get the whole family involved and have a rota for washing up duties.

Taking your puppy on holiday

Many more people are now dog owners as the desire to have a pet has increased through the last year but what considerations are there to plan for if I want to take a puppy on holiday?

If your puppy is less than twelve weeks old then it should have had the vaccinations that are recommended for puppies so that they can go outside and mix with other dogs. Older puppies and dogs should also be vaccinated to ensure they are protected against the most common diseases that affect them. Once they have these vaccinations you can confidently take them away with you and walk them out and about.

Some hotels and guest houses allow dogs in guest’s rooms as long as the animal is not left unattended, but many people choose to stay in self-catering accommodation or camp if they are taking their puppy with them as they may feel more relaxed.

It is important to try to keep the puppy’s routine as close to the one they are used to at home for example eating the same food as this will prevent the puppy becoming stressed in a new environment.

Remember that it is law now that a dog is restrained in the car whilst travelling so a puppy crate that will fit in the boot of the car is a good buy and if used frequently the puppy will get used to being in there.

New year, new places

As we look forward to the future when we can all take holidays abroad again why not take the opportunity to consider new places to visit as it is a fact that many of us simply visit the same places time and time again.

If you have never ventured further than Europe for holidays, then why not think about going on a long-haul flight to Australia or New Zealand and having the holiday of a lifetime. It would be a good time to visit New Zealand this year as it is the twentieth anniversary of the Fellowship of the Ring movie and it would be an amazing experience to visit some of the filming locations that appear in the film.

If travelling to the other side of the world is not for you why not try a cruise. These are especially popular with travellers who want to see lots of different countries or islands in one holiday. Modern cruise ships offer a level of luxury that is second to none and sumptuous menus that cater for all tastes. The onboard entertainment, superb facilities and the opportunity to explore a variety of destinations ensure that many holiday makers choose cruises over other holiday alternatives more and more.