Could a mini break be a better choice?

Although the thought of having a one or two week holiday seems an attractive proposition for some families this is not always possible. It may be that the main earners are self employed so therefore lose earnings when not working but all is not lost because there are distinct advantages to taking mini breaks instead.

One of the main advantages of taking short break holidays is that you have the opportunity to visit a variety of places both home and abroad every time you go away. You could visit a UK city and be able to see some of the magnificent cathedrals and castles and take advantage of the wonderful shopping centres that are usually there then a few months later go on a walking holiday in Scotland all for the same cost as a weeklong holiday in one location.

As previously stated, if you are self-employed the financial implications of having prolonged time off work could be less by taking short breaks and also it may be possible to plan you break for mid-week potentially making big savings on hotel or self-catering accommodation. If you can be flexible on your holiday location some companies offer last minute short breaks for a fraction of the cost of a holiday that is booked in advance again saving you money and possibly giving you the opportunity to take an additional break later on in the year. Looking online for last minute deals is a good idea as travel companies often offer great discounts when they want to fill the remaining seats on a flight.

Travel to the sunny south for your British holiday

Devon and Cornwall are top of the list for many holiday makers as the hours of sun that they have is greater than many other places in the UK. Devon is sometimes seen as a county that is passed through when travelling to Cornwall, but it has a quality all of its own from the rugged nature of the north Devon coast to the beautiful, sandy beaches on the south coast there really is something for everyone.

Some people, who want to experience the contrasting feel of Devon, choose to stay in one area for part of their holiday and move to a different location in Devon for the remainder of their holiday. The historic towns of Lynton and Lynmouth are a good place to start especially if you like walking. The West Lyn and East Lyn rivers converge here and a beautiful walk along these rivers is a must for every visitor. A ride on the historic funicular railway which links the two towns is a brilliant experience and is popular with visitors from all over the world.

The so called English Riviera can be found on the south coast of Devon and is renown for its sandy beaches and mild climate. If beaches are not your thing then the model village at Babbacombe in Torquay, Devon is worth a visit. The model village was opened in the 1960s and is a popular tourist attraction in the area.

Holidays to Egypt

Egypt may not be the first places that comes to mind when you think of going on holiday aboard but before you dismiss it you should give it a chance and do a bit of research. Egypt has a lot to offer in terms of beautiful weather, fascinating culture and some stunning resorts but people often think about the issues the country has had with violence and it is sometimes enough to put them off. Egypt does border with countries such as Israel, Libya and Sudan which have all had recent conflicts but resorts in Egypt are very hot on their security. Hurghada is a beach resort town in Egypt that is specifically for tourist. There are check points that are patrolled that you have to go through to get in and out of the area. It is renowned for scuba diving and has a number of different diving schools located along the beaches. It also offers a lot of trips out of the bay to go and swim with dolphins or view the sea life through a glass bottomed boat.

Prices to Egypt are often quite cheap and you get a lot for your money. The resorts are often listed as four or five start and although the communal areas are often lovely the rooms may be a little more basic but still perfectly acceptable.

Christmas getaways

Some people like to get away during the festive period, whether this be for Christmas day itself or just after. It can be nice to have Christmas at home and then go away for a few days or even for new year. It may be that you decide to go somewhere hot for Christmas. If this is the first time you have done this it is likely to be quite different to any Christmas that you have experienced before.

If you are planning to go abroad then you need to make sure that you have all your documents in place in plenty of time to avoid disappointment. In the run up to Christmas, there are often delays in the post and this could mean that you are not able to go away if you have not got your passport back for example.

Packing for a winter holiday in the sun can be a little confusing as the last thing you may think about doing is getting your bikini and sun cream out. It is easy to forget items such as sun cream, sunglasses and flip flops as they may have been packed away for the winter.

If you are looking for somewhere to go just before Christmas with the kids, then Lapland has to be top of the list. There is nothing more magical than seeing the big man himself in the place where it all happens.

Make sure you book your camping trip early to avoid disappointment

Camping holidays are not for all families but if you want to get away for a cheap week then this is certainly the way to go. It may be that you are used to camping or that it is your first time. If it is your first time then you will quickly realise that often you learn as you go along and next time will feel more prepared.

Camping may not be the easiest type of holiday, but if you are well equipped then it can be lots of fun and a great way to make memories – kids tend to love it!

Camping pitches can often fill up pretty quickly especially in popular tourist areas so it is important to book in advance if to ensure you have a good selection of sites and dates. If you leave it till last minute you may find that you are left with some of the less favoured sites, which may be ok if you are looking for a basic pitch but not so much if you want a few more home comforts and luxuries.

There are some great websites that allow you to search areas for your selected dates and they will show you a list of campsites available. Often you can book just by paying a small deposit and paying the remainder when you are there.

Travelling abroad for a wedding

Sometimes couples choose to get married abroad. This can be for a number of reasons such as it being a specialist place for them, wanting to get married somewhere hot or on a beach or because it is cheaper for them. Weddings abroad can be beautiful and you may be able to rely more on the weather but there are extra complications that come with it and you may find that not all your guests are able to go.

If money is not an issue then you may be able to offer to contribute towards people’s flights or accommodation and this can be quite costly. Lots of people that come may decide to make a holiday out of it and will stay for a week or so. If you cannot contribute towards the cost or even if you do, you may still find many of your guests are not able to attend.

You need to find out what all the laws are for the country you are going to and if you will then need to register your marriage when you get back home. You need to plan which caters you are going to use and also how you are going to transport all your luggage such as dresses, suits and accessories.