Planning a sightseeing holiday with children

A holiday can mean different things to different people. For some, they want to go away to a hot country and spend their days lazing by the pool or sunbathing on the beach. For others, they may want something a little more thrilling and look to do some sightseeing. Sightseeing can sometimes involve a lot of walking and so it may not always be as easy if you have younger children as this simply may be too much for them and you may quickly find that they become tired and no longer want to go on.

If you are planning some sightseeing when on holiday with children, especially young ones, then you need to plan ahead a little. Rather than just going off on a walk, try and plan out your route and check out the terrain. It may be that you can take a pushchair with you or take a push along bike that will allow your child time to sit down and recuperate whilst you power on.

Some children can find sightseeing a little boring, so try and plan in some activities for them to do along the way such as hiding stones that you have painted for others to find or making a den out of branches.


Going self catering to a holiday resort

Self catering holidays are a perfect way to slash the cost of your trip away. Many resorts offer self catering options where you are basically paying for your room but nothing else. Butlins, for example allows you to go and stay in one of their rooms or apartments on a self catering basis and then gives you the option to buy a food package on top. This package usually includes your three main meals but unlike all inclusive, not your drinks and snacks.

It is worth working out how much you will spend if you take your own food with you or if you take some food and chose to eat out at other times as this can quickly creep up above the amount of the food packages and mean that end up spending more on your holiday over all.

It is important to read reviews for places where you are going to opt to eat in their restaurants as you want to know that the food is going to be good as once you have committed to it, you will have to pay extra if you then decide you don’t want to eat there.



Checking what is included in your flight price

When booking a holiday you have the option to book the accommodation and the flights yourself or as part of a package. When booking your flights you may find quite a drastic change in the prices from company to company. It is always worth looking at flying from different airports as sometimes you will get a much better deal from one to the other. The other thing to check is the date you are flying as again you can often save even hundreds of pounds by flying a day or two either side of your original selected date.

Many people use flight comparison sites to check which company is offering the cheapest flights but they may not always give you all the information upfront and you will often need to look in to exactly what is included in the price.

Often there is no baggage allowance included in the cheapest flights apart from cabin baggage. With additional suitcases costing on average £25 per 15kg each way, this can very quickly add £100 or so on to your holiday price. You should also check to see if transfers to and from the airport are included as again this can push the price up.

Trips when on holiday

Many of us go away on holiday to relax and it is often something that we all look forward to. It can be that break away from day to day life of work and home routines, but many people enjoy different sorts of holidays and what one person may find relaxing another person may find boring. People have different views on what makes a great holiday, with some people wanting nothing more than to laze around a swimming pool or topping up their tan on a beach to others looking for something a little more exhilarating such as a skiing trip or hike up a mountain.

If you want to go on a relaxing holiday but also explore a little and do something exciting, then do some research on trips that run local to where you are staying. Your holiday rep will be able to advise you on some but if you know which ones you want to do before going, you can shop around for the best deal. Not only will you be able to find out useful information such as opening times, prices and things to do whilst there but also to see if you can get a better deal if you book in advance or are able to find a voucher code online.

Taking your pet dog on holiday

As the cost of putting your pet dog in kennels for your annual holiday rises, many people are considering taking their dogs with them.

If you are holidaying in the United Kingdom with your dog your main concerns are going to be whether the accommodation is suitable and whether there is going to be a place to safely leave your dog if you are eating out as most restaurants have a policy where only assistance dogs are allowed.

However, if you want to take your dog abroad, forward planning is essential.

Taking a dog abroad has become easier more recently with the pet travel scheme.

This scheme is designed so that diseases such as rabies can be prevented from spreading to other countries. If your pet is not registered under the scheme, it may have to spend four months in quarantine, which would be stressful for both the animal and owner.

To be eligible for the scheme, a dog must be fitted with a microchip and have been vaccinated against rabies at least twenty-one days previously. A vet can issue a pet passport to prove that the vaccinations have been given.

It is important to remember that different countries have different rules so always check before booking your holiday.

Hotel holidays in the UK

Whenever you think about going on holiday in the UK, you may be concerned with the weather. The weather is never guaranteed in the UK and therefore you need to be prepared for rain. If you like your luxuries when staying away then you may need not feel happy staying in a tent or a caravan. A hotel can offer some of the comforts that camping doesn’t and may be more affordable than you think.

If you are holidaying with children then you may want to stay in a lodge or a tent / caravan to allow you to put the children to bed and still sit outside in the evening. If you are happy to stay in a hotel that is 3 or 4 star then you may be able to get one for a similar price to a caravan.

Staying in a hotel with a spa can be very cost effective as you may be able to spend a day or two at the spa or round the pool which is often all included in the price.

You will have to eat out if staying in a hotel which may cost you more money than buying your own food to cook in a caravan.