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Going self catering to a holiday resort

Self catering holidays are a perfect way to slash the cost of your trip away. Many resorts offer self catering options where you are basically paying for your room but nothing else. Butlins, for example allows you to go and stay in one of their rooms or apartments on a self catering basis and then […]

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Checking what is included in your flight price

When booking a holiday you have the option to book the accommodation and the flights yourself or as part of a package. When booking your flights you may find quite a drastic change in the prices from company to company. It is always worth looking at flying from different airports as sometimes you will get […]

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Trips when on holiday

Many of us go away on holiday to relax and it is often something that we all look forward to. It can be that break away from day to day life of work and home routines, but many people enjoy different sorts of holidays and what one person may find relaxing another person may find […]

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Taking your pet dog on holiday

As the cost of putting your pet dog in kennels for your annual holiday rises, many people are considering taking their dogs with them. If you are holidaying in the United Kingdom with your dog your main concerns are going to be whether the accommodation is suitable and whether there is going to be a […]

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Hotel holidays in the UK

Whenever you think about going on holiday in the UK, you may be concerned with the weather. The weather is never guaranteed in the UK and therefore you need to be prepared for rain. If you like your luxuries when staying away then you may need not feel happy staying in a tent or a […]

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Mini break bargains

Mini breaks can be a great way to have a holiday with friends or family without having to spend thousands. Holiday prices have started to rise again and with many people restricted to school holidays, there often is simply not the funds to allow all the family to get away abroad for a week or […]

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