Planning for a medical emergency when on holiday

It is one of those things that we hope we will not need to know, but it is always worth reading up about medical treatment in the area you are travelling too. This is most important when going abroad but you should also check even if staying in the UK. If you have a specialist medical condition then you will need to search for hospitals that could treat you should you need assistance. If you are pregnant, then you may want to find nearby maternity hospitals and also ensure you have your pregnancy notes with you at all times.

Many larger complexes have a doctor on site or nearby that you can see. Check with reception to see what you need to do if you should require a doctor as often there will be a dedicated phone number you can call.

When going away from home it is always best to plan for situations such as medical emergencies. It is better to know what to do and not have to use it than not have a clue and find yourself panicking in an already stressful situation.

If you need prescription medicine, be sure to take a copy of a recent prescription with you when travelling.

Holidaying with friends – to do or not to do?

Often when friends are having a social get together, the idea of holidaying together will come up. It may not be long before you are all sat down with holiday brochures planning your trip away, but before you book you may want to discuss your plans in a bit more detail.
Holidaying with friends or family can be great fun. It means you have other people to talk to, if you have children you can offer to baby sit for each other so each couple has a chance to go out on their own and you may be able to find a cheaper holiday if there is more of you going. It is important to set some ground rules before jetting off to ensure that everyone has a nice time.
Firth thing to sort out is paying for the trip. If you are booking a villa for example then you will need to split the cost. If one family is bigger than the other then you may need to work out the price per person.
It can be hard spending all your time together for a week or two, so talk about doing activities with your own family or just your partner so everyone gets time apart. This can help avoid fall outs.

Last minute camping holidays

Camping holidays can be the cheapest way to get away as a family. You can often pay less than £10 per night for a very basic site and around £20-£25 for a site that has more facilities. IF you have your own tent, you can often book a campsite quite last minute, although during summer holidays, popular sites and locations do tend to book up fast so if you want a pitch with electric hook up or an extra large pitch for example, you may need to book a few weeks in advance.

If you are not sure exactly where you want to go you can use search sites such as Pitch Up which allows you to easily compare a number of sites based on location, price or facilities. You can enter the dates you want to go and then select as many or as few filters as you like to narrow the results down.

You can often book the site directly through the website often paying a small deposit with the balance due a week or so before you go.

Always read plenty of reviews for a site before booking so you can get a feel for what it is like and what the facilities are like.

How to load your car for a holiday

When it comes to packing, many families have numerous arguments about how it should be done. We Brits always seem to take far too much stuff with us when going on holiday as we worry that we may need something that we do not have with us.

When it comes to packing the car, there is a way of doing it to allow you the most space and to be able to access anything you may need on the journey. Ideally before loading anything in to the car you need to have it altogether in one room. This will allow you to first check that you are going to be able to fit it all in. If not then you have time to go through and streamline your packing to make more room.

Once you have everything together you should start by loading the heaviest items in first. These will be very hard to access whilst on the journey so you need to make sure that you will not be needing anything. If you are taking suitcases then you will probably want to put them in first so they can lie flat. If you are taking food and drink they ideally need to be wedged in so they can not spill or get damaged. Items such as pillows etc may be able to go in with the passengers to free up room in the boot.


Be sure to confirm all of your holiday arrangements

If you have just booked a holiday then you may start to get excited and plan things that you would like to do when you get there. You would think that once everything is booked and paid for you should be able to switch off and only worry about the packing but unfortunately it is possible to experience issues with your travel or accommodation, which if not sorted out quickly can cause havoc and delays and risk spoiling your break away.

If you have booked accommodation yourself rather than through a travel agent, then it is worth ringing ahead at least a week in advance just to confirm your booking and double check what you may need to take with you. By doing this, you can pick up on any problems such as errors on the booking system which may not have recorded your booking correctly.

If you are flying, then you will need to check your flight details to make sure it has not been cancelled or delayed. This can often only be done 24 hours or so prior to your flight time. If you are unsure, then you can always call the airline direct to confirm.


Planning a holiday – where to start?

When looking to plan a holiday it can be hard to know where to start there are so many options of where to go and what to do and how to get there that it can all feel a bit overwhelming! The best way to tackle it is to break it down into more manageable task.

First you need to have a think about what type of holiday you’d like to have, adventure, relaxing, sightseeing or a city break.

Next you’ll need to think about your budget as this will effect where you go for your holiday and at what time of year. You may need to compromise on some things to find something that works for you so think about what’s most important to you from your holiday destination.

Next compare accommodation and flights by shopping around to get the best deals and read reviews to check what others are saying about the place as they may have some valuable advice to pass on to you.

Once you’ve decided don’t hang around about getting it booked as flight prices can change quite often so it’s best to secure your deal early to avoid disappointment.

Failing that you could of course throw caution to the wind and book a last minute break away and still have a fab time!