Christmas getaways

Some people like to get away during the festive period, whether this be for Christmas day itself or just after. It can be nice to have Christmas at home and then go away for a few days or even for new year. It may be that you decide to go somewhere hot for Christmas. If this is the first time you have done this it is likely to be quite different to any Christmas that you have experienced before.

If you are planning to go abroad then you need to make sure that you have all your documents in place in plenty of time to avoid disappointment. In the run up to Christmas, there are often delays in the post and this could mean that you are not able to go away if you have not got your passport back for example.

Packing for a winter holiday in the sun can be a little confusing as the last thing you may think about doing is getting your bikini and sun cream out. It is easy to forget items such as sun cream, sunglasses and flip flops as they may have been packed away for the winter.

If you are looking for somewhere to go just before Christmas with the kids, then Lapland has to be top of the list. There is nothing more magical than seeing the big man himself in the place where it all happens.

How to make your staycation a success

Holidaying in the UK is not everyone’s cup of tea as the unpredictable weather and expensive prices cause many people to jet off abroad to the sunnier climes of Spain or Greece, but this year is different. Many holidaymakers have been faced with no choice but to holiday in the UK and while some have been lucky enough to book into a hotel or find self-catering accommodation others have had to fork out for a tent and other camping equipment and get back to basics with a camping holiday.

Although a camping holiday with a family may not be as relaxing as a holiday abroad it can still be fun even if the weather cannot be relied upon to be dry for the whole of the holiday. The important thing is to be prepared -that means packing clothes for sunny weather and for rainy days too. Wellies may not seem necessary but when the grass is wet, and the kids need to go across the field to visit the toilet block it saves getting wet trainers but equally crocs or flipflops are useful.

Most campers tend to light up the barbeque for meals which is an easy way to cook if the weather is dry but during inclement weather eating out or visiting the local fish and chip shop is a better option, and there is no washing up.

Relax and enjoy that camping holiday

Many people are going to be camping for their holiday this year and although it may not be top of the list when you think about a relaxing break it is possible to enjoy a camping holiday with the family and get some rest and relaxation at the same time.

The key to getting the most out of a camping holiday is forward planning. Although nothing can be done to ensure good weather for your holiday if you are prepared for both rain and shine your holiday should be successful.

If you have young children with you then it is sensible to take plenty of games and other activities with you to keep them occupied throughout the day giving you time to read a good book or sit in the sun for an hour. Young children will obviously need adult supervision at all times but if you are on holiday with another adult taking turns to play with the children means that you each get time to relax.

At home most of us try to eat healthily with as little processed food as possible but to make life easier on a camping holiday try to take as much convenience food with you as possible to cut down on the amount of cooking you will need to do or buy take away food if it is available. Washing up is not simple when camping so think about using disposable plates and cutlery for some meals or get the whole family involved and have a rota for washing up duties.

Are caravan holidays in the UK becoming more fashionable again?

There was a time that touring caravan holidays were regarded as the choice of retired people and were sometimes scorned by the general population. Comedians would often joke about getting behind a row of caravans on the roads and caravaners stopping by the roadside to enjoy a cup of tea but in recent times caravanning seem to be seeing a resurgence as many people see the benefits of having your own belongings and some home comforts around you whilst being able to visit lots of different locations.

With the cost of holiday accommodation rising significantly in recent times owning a touring caravan has become more attractive. It is quite possible to have to pay in excess of a thousand pounds to stay in a static caravan by the coast in the summer months meaning that for many families this is not affordable. Staying in an apartment or other self-catering accommodation can be even more costly so this may be why caravanning has become more popular.

The advantages of staying on a caravan site with a family are great as there is the freedom to explore the site and its surroundings. Many sites have play areas for children, and some have swimming pools, clubhouses with entertainment and restaurants.

Weekend romantic getaways

With all travel and holidays cancelled for the foreseeable future, many of us are already starting to plan our next getaway even if it cannot happen until next year. There is so much uncertainly about at present that no one really knows when we will be able to go away again, but there is no harm in planning. It has been said that it may cost a lot more to go aboard in the short term following the lifting of lock down as the airlines and hotels will still have to adhere to social distancing so only be able to have a fraction of the amount of people on a plane compared to previous.

Having a romantic getaway can be just what a couple needs especially after having been stuck in the house for months on end. Depending on how long you want to go away for and how much money you want to spend will help you narrow down the selection.

City breaks are a great way to explore, enjoy night life and know that you have little travelling to do once there. They often offer a variety of accommodation to suit most budgets and have a wealth of activities to do. It may be the short flights do not see a massive hike in price so a city break to Italy, France or Spain may be perfect.

If you fancy a spot of shopping and a beach holiday then you may want to head to Barcelona which really does have it all.

fun holidays with all the family

Most adults have fond memories of going on holiday as a family when they were younger. It didn’t really matter where you went or even if the weather wasn’t great, it was just great to be altogether doing something that you enjoyed. Lots of children love just having a change of scenery and being able to spend time with their parents doing fun activities. These activities don’t have to cost a lot, it can be simple things like building sand castles on the beach or going for a walk in the woods.

Holidays can be expensive and therefore many people can only afford to go once a year or every other year, but you don’t have to put off going away because you only have a small budget. You can still have a great holiday on a tight budget if you are willing to go back to basics a bit. A ten pitch can cost as little as £5 per night in the UK. This will be on a very basic site but if you are only planning on being in the tent for sleeping you do not need to worry much about the entertainment on site and facilities. Do some research on the local area as you may be able to find a number of free places to visit such as parks and museums.