The sun is always shining somewhere

Winter can be a depressing time of year – with grey and miserable skies and the days quickly becoming so short that you’re lucky to see daylight if you work a 9 to 5 job, it can be hard to maintain a sunny disposition without any sun… but remember, the sun is still there – you just need to find it!

It’s a well-known fact that the Southern Hemisphere enjoys the start of summer as winter approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, and vice versa. However, flying around the world takes a long time and funding such a trip can be costly. If you can’t justify the expense or persuade your boss to give you a month off work, then maybe look for somewhere closer to home. For example, come November and December, destinations like Tenerife, Madeira, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are still benefitting from warm weather. Daylight hours are still a little short for some places, but the nights are also relatively mild so you needn’t dwell on it too much.

Get saving your pennies and outrun the rain this winter. You can look forward to sharing summery snaps on social media while your friends compare photos of snow and wind-damaged fences!

Trips when on holiday

Many of us go away on holiday to relax and it is often something that we all look forward to. It can be that break away from day to day life of work and home routines, but many people enjoy different sorts of holidays and what one person may find relaxing another person may find boring. People have different views on what makes a great holiday, with some people wanting nothing more than to laze around a swimming pool or topping up their tan on a beach to others looking for something a little more exhilarating such as a skiing trip or hike up a mountain.

If you want to go on a relaxing holiday but also explore a little and do something exciting, then do some research on trips that run local to where you are staying. Your holiday rep will be able to advise you on some but if you know which ones you want to do before going, you can shop around for the best deal. Not only will you be able to find out useful information such as opening times, prices and things to do whilst there but also to see if you can get a better deal if you book in advance or are able to find a voucher code online.

Taking your pet dog on holiday

As the cost of putting your pet dog in kennels for your annual holiday rises, many people are considering taking their dogs with them.

If you are holidaying in the United Kingdom with your dog your main concerns are going to be whether the accommodation is suitable and whether there is going to be a place to safely leave your dog if you are eating out as most restaurants have a policy where only assistance dogs are allowed.

However, if you want to take your dog abroad, forward planning is essential.

Taking a dog abroad has become easier more recently with the pet travel scheme.

This scheme is designed so that diseases such as rabies can be prevented from spreading to other countries. If your pet is not registered under the scheme, it may have to spend four months in quarantine, which would be stressful for both the animal and owner.

To be eligible for the scheme, a dog must be fitted with a microchip and have been vaccinated against rabies at least twenty-one days previously. A vet can issue a pet passport to prove that the vaccinations have been given.

It is important to remember that different countries have different rules so always check before booking your holiday.

Mini break bargains

Mini breaks can be a great way to have a holiday with friends or family without having to spend thousands. Holiday prices have started to rise again and with many people restricted to school holidays, there often is simply not the funds to allow all the family to get away abroad for a week or two year after year.

Mini breaks are a fantastic way to give you that boost you need from a holiday without breaking the bank. There is a huge array of mini breaks you can take and there really is something for everyone. If you want to go somewhere where you can explore local attractions in the day and party or dine out in the evening, then cities are often a great place to visit. Many cities are inundated with historical locations and amazing sight seeing opportunities and plenty of bars and restaurants to visit in the evening.

If you are looking for something a little quieter then why not opt for a country retreat or even a spa break away in a hotel. Some parts of Scotland are fantastic for family breaks. If you enjoy walking then you will not be disappointed with a trip to the lochs of Scotland and if travelling with children, Loch Ness is a must. There is a fantastic museum right near the Loch Ness which talks about the history of the loch and the monster that is said to lurk in the waters.



Holidaying in Greece

So, after scouring the internet for hours and flicking through endless holiday brochures, you decided to spend your hard-earned cash on a holiday to Greece.

The weather in Greece in the summer is usually hot and sunny and so care must be taken to protect yourself against the sun. A good quality sun cream, applied regularly, is essential. Sun cream that only needs to be applied once a day is now on the market and can be easier to use. During the hottest part of the day, shade should be sought ideally and plenty of fluid should be drunk, preferably not alcoholic!

At times mosquitoes, can be a real problem so an effective repellent is advisable. Some people advocate the use of high doses of vitamin B6 to ward off an attack but this must be started several weeks before the holiday and continued throughout.

Greek people are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality, often offering free drinks and snacks to visiting tourists. Though most Greeks in tourist areas speak English, if you try to learn a little Greek before you travel, this will be very much appreciated by the locals.

A holiday in Greece will be a holiday to remember mark my words!


What makes the perfect holiday

Everyone has different ideas of what makes a perfect holiday. For some, a holiday is a time to chill out and relax on a beach or by a pool. They don’t like to do too much but instead use this time to switch off and unwind.

Others may see holidays as an opportunity to explore the new places and learn about new cultures. They like the idea of going somewhere new and do not want to waste the holiday sat around not doing much, instead they would rather be out visiting local attractions and historical interests.

Some people have a particular activity in mind when they book a holiday such as a golfing holiday or skiing. This is often because they know what they enjoy and want to spend the time they have off work and away from home doing it. If you have always done one sort of holiday, like the examples above, why not try something new you never know, you may like it.