Travelling abroad for a wedding

Sometimes couples choose to get married abroad. This can be for a number of reasons such as it being a specialist place for them, wanting to get married somewhere hot or on a beach or because it is cheaper for them. Weddings abroad can be beautiful and you may be able to rely more on the weather but there are extra complications that come with it and you may find that not all your guests are able to go.

If money is not an issue then you may be able to offer to contribute towards people’s flights or accommodation and this can be quite costly. Lots of people that come may decide to make a holiday out of it and will stay for a week or so. If you cannot contribute towards the cost or even if you do, you may still find many of your guests are not able to attend.

You need to find out what all the laws are for the country you are going to and if you will then need to register your marriage when you get back home. You need to plan which caters you are going to use and also how you are going to transport all your luggage such as dresses, suits and accessories.

Are your travel documents safe?

When holidaymakers are again able to travel abroad the documents that they need to take has increased as many travel companies may want to see evidence of Covid vaccinations and tests along with the routine documentation that is required. Hotels may also want to see these documents along with the normal booking confirmations and passport documents. Keeping these documents safe is a concern but there are a few ways of making sure that your paper documents are secure whilst still being easily accessible if needed.

Using a plastic A5 size zip close wallet is a useful way to keep your documents in one place, test results, passports, holiday confirmations and insurance documents can all be kept together but they are easy to get to if required to show them on your journey. This size should fit easily into a handbag or a pocket in your hand luggage. Additional documents such as boarding passes can be put in the plastic wallet when they are issued ensuring that they too are kept safe.

It is important to take care of your documentation as you are travelling but also when you arrive at your holiday destination. Most hotels provide a room safe sometimes for a small additional charge and it is advisable to secure your documents and travel money in the safe for the duration of your holiday as some insurance companies insist on this in order to cover you for any theft of money or valuables.

Are we nearly there yet? The nightmare of long journeys

One of the downsides of any family holiday could be said to be the journey to the holiday destination and if you have ever travelled long distances in your car with young children, you will know that it can be a stressful experience. The journey can be made easier for everyone however by ensuring the children are entertained it some way and kept busy as this will make the journey appear shorter. Some vehicles have DVD screens that are built into the car and are valuable on longer journeys especially if they can be used with headphones so that the child can watch their favourite programmes whilst you can listen to your choice of music.

A good investment for any family trips away is backseat organisers which fit on the back of the front seats. These organisers have small pockets that can store children’s favourite snacks and drinks along with larger pockets for mobile devices and colouring books and crayons. The children can then easily reach the activities without disturbing the driver and front seat passenger.

Fold out plastic lap trays that fit onto the car seat can be purchased and are a useful way for children to have a surface on which to draw or rest a book or mobile device or to be used as a picnic tray for snacks and drinks.

Planning your business travel

Some businesses are having to restrict what their employees do and that may mean that a lot of travel that was done pre Covid has now had to be stopped. For other businesses, travel is an integral part of their business and they still need to do a certain amount to allow them to keep trading.

If this is the case for your business then you need to take the time to plan your travel or that of your employee carefully. It may eb that you need to allow a lot more time as checks and restrictions have been put in place which may add time on to your journeys.

It is important to ensure that the member of staff that is traveling feels happy to do so and is well. Any signs or symptoms of Covid and they should not travel and instead isolate. If travel is required then you need to try and eliminate the number of people they come in to contact with as much as possible. This may include not travelling at peak times and staying in a hotel away from the city centres.

Travel can still be done safely but it is vital you take as many precautions as possible to protect your employee and those that they may come in to contact with.

Have your travel plans gone into chaos?

With many of us in the UK being told not to travel unless it is necessary, holidays are being cancelled left, right and centre. Most of these holidays are being refunded by the travel companies although some people may need to make a claim off their holiday insurance to get their money back. Over the last few weeks the situation with the outbreak has worsened and we are seeing and increase in the number of people who have gone on holiday and are now finding themselves on lock down in their hotel rooms.

It may be that you were not going to be travelling abroad, but had a holiday booked in this country. You may still want to try and go but the truth is you may still find that you are massively affected by this and what should have been a relaxing time away with a loved one or with your family turns in to a time of worry and concern.

Many of the UK holiday destinations such as Centre Parcs have already decided to close their doors for the foreseeable future and it is looking like many others will follow soon.

How to beat boredom when travelling

Travelling whether in a car on a train or on a plane can be a little boring especially for younger children who may not be used to spending long periods of time having to stay in their seats. You may find that what was supposed to be a quickish journey turns in to an extremely long one due to delays that are out of your control.

Travel games are a great way to keep children entertained whilst often also entertaining the adults in the car too. There are many travel games that can be played to pass the time such as Eye Spy. This game has been around for years and the beauty of it is you don’t need anything to play it.

if you have younger children that cannot spell yet you could play it with colours instead of the letter it begins with.

Also games like “who am I” are great, where you think of an animal or a character (if you want to make it a little harder) and the other members of the family have to ask questions to find out who or what you might be. The person who guesses correctly wins a point. Often when playing travel games children will be so wrapped up in the game they will forget about the journey and you won’t hear the dreaded words “are we there yet?”