Exchanging money for your holiday

You will often need to take money with you when going abroad, even if going all inclusive as there will always be extras that you need to pay for or times when you may want to go on excursions or go out for a meal offsite. Often it is cheaper to convert your money in to the currency you need prior to travelling and using credit cards or debit cards for cash withdrawals can very quickly add up when abroad.

Before you leave for your holiday shop around to get the best exchange rate for your money. Some companies will offer you a great exchange rate but will charge you a commission on top to change your money. Other companies will offer you zero rate commission but the exchange rate is often poor. You will need to be able to compare a number of exchange bureaus to decide which one will give you the best deal. You do not want to exchange too much more money than you will actually need as you will then have to pay again to convert it back to pounds. You also do not want to take too little and then have to withdraw cash on a card costing you in bank charges.