fun holidays with all the family

Most adults have fond memories of going on holiday as a family when they were younger. It didn’t really matter where you went or even if the weather wasn’t great, it was just great to be altogether doing something that you enjoyed. Lots of children love just having a change of scenery and being able to spend time with their parents doing fun activities. These activities don’t have to cost a lot, it can be simple things like building sand castles on the beach or going for a walk in the woods.

Holidays can be expensive and therefore many people can only afford to go once a year or every other year, but you don’t have to put off going away because you only have a small budget. You can still have a great holiday on a tight budget if you are willing to go back to basics a bit. A ten pitch can cost as little as £5 per night in the UK. This will be on a very basic site but if you are only planning on being in the tent for sleeping you do not need to worry much about the entertainment on site and facilities. Do some research on the local area as you may be able to find a number of free places to visit such as parks and museums.