Self catering holidays are a perfect way to slash the cost of your trip away. Many resorts offer self catering options where you are basically paying for your room but nothing else. Butlins, for example allows you to go and stay in one of their rooms or apartments on a self catering basis and then gives you the option to buy a food package on top. This package usually includes your three main meals but unlike all inclusive, not your drinks and snacks.

It is worth working out how much you will spend if you take your own food with you or if you take some food and chose to eat out at other times as this can quickly creep up above the amount of the food packages and mean that end up spending more on your holiday over all.

It is important to read reviews for places where you are going to opt to eat in their restaurants as you want to know that the food is going to be good as once you have committed to it, you will have to pay extra if you then decide you don’t want to eat there.