How to make your staycation a success

Holidaying in the UK is not everyone’s cup of tea as the unpredictable weather and expensive prices cause many people to jet off abroad to the sunnier climes of Spain or Greece, but this year is different. Many holidaymakers have been faced with no choice but to holiday in the UK and while some have been lucky enough to book into a hotel or find self-catering accommodation others have had to fork out for a tent and other camping equipment and get back to basics with a camping holiday.

Although a camping holiday with a family may not be as relaxing as a holiday abroad it can still be fun even if the weather cannot be relied upon to be dry for the whole of the holiday. The important thing is to be prepared -that means packing clothes for sunny weather and for rainy days too. Wellies may not seem necessary but when the grass is wet, and the kids need to go across the field to visit the toilet block it saves getting wet trainers but equally crocs or flipflops are useful.

Most campers tend to light up the barbeque for meals which is an easy way to cook if the weather is dry but during inclement weather eating out or visiting the local fish and chip shop is a better option, and there is no washing up.