Is it safe to plan next year’s holiday?

This year has been a very difficult time for holiday makers as they have had to cancel, rebook, postpone and defer their holidays again and again due to the restrictions caused by the Covid virus so is it safe to book holidays for next year at the moment?

The answer to this question is perhaps, as no one really knows for sure whether the virus will be sufficiently under control next year or not. One thing is certain, travel insurance should be taken out before booking and the fine print of the policy documents needs to be read to ensure that cancellation or delay due to the virus is covered.

If you feel that a holiday abroad next year is a must for you and your family then try to look for a holiday location that has a lower incidence of the virus and one that is welcoming visitors from the UK. Greece and Turkey are two such places to consider for next year as they have had fewer cases generally. Expect there to still be certain restrictions in place next year such as social distancing and mask wearing in indoor spaces, but hotels and restaurants should be operating normally albeit with reduced capacity.

Is a last minute deal a good idea?

With the world thrown into chaos recently with the Covid outbreak, many people have had to drastically rethink their holiday plans. Many flights are now resuming allowing you to travel to certain countries but this is changing daily and countries are moving on and off the safe list.

Holidays can be expensive, especially if you have a large family, so you will probably be looking to save as much money as possible when booking one. Many people use the internet now to book holidays but there can still be some great deals to be had in travel agents. Now may be a good time to grab a bargain but there are also still quite a few ricks that you need to weigh up. If you arrive at the airport and you or a member of your family has a temperature, even if it is just from a cold, you will not be allowed to fly. Most travel insurance policies are not covering Covid if taken out since the outbreak so you may lose out on your money and your holiday. It may be that when you first go on holiday that country is classed as safe and so there is no reason to self-isolate upon your return. This problem that many tourists have encountered recently is that this information can change within 24 hrs so you may all of a sudden be told you will need to isolate upon your return. This could cause you to miss work or your children to miss their return to school.

Are caravan holidays in the UK becoming more fashionable again?

There was a time that touring caravan holidays were regarded as the choice of retired people and were sometimes scorned by the general population. Comedians would often joke about getting behind a row of caravans on the roads and caravaners stopping by the roadside to enjoy a cup of tea but in recent times caravanning seem to be seeing a resurgence as many people see the benefits of having your own belongings and some home comforts around you whilst being able to visit lots of different locations.

With the cost of holiday accommodation rising significantly in recent times owning a touring caravan has become more attractive. It is quite possible to have to pay in excess of a thousand pounds to stay in a static caravan by the coast in the summer months meaning that for many families this is not affordable. Staying in an apartment or other self-catering accommodation can be even more costly so this may be why caravanning has become more popular.

The advantages of staying on a caravan site with a family are great as there is the freedom to explore the site and its surroundings. Many sites have play areas for children, and some have swimming pools, clubhouses with entertainment and restaurants.

Ever fancied getting away from it all then why not try a retreat?

For many of us the opportunity to get away from the busy lives we lead for a short while is an attractive proposition and can leave us feeling refreshed and energised. Some people may think of a retreat as being a religious experience one where there are strict rules and regulations to adhere to but this is not the case as a retreat experience is often concerned with wellness and mindfulness and is a chance to recentre ones thoughts.

The choice of the type of retreat you choose depends upon the experience you want to have. Some offer the chance to learn a new skill or embark on a weight loss programme whilst others simply give you the opportunity to do nothing for a few days. Many spa retreats give you the option of choosing treatments which can help with relaxation and sleep whilst also giving you the opportunity to exercise in their gyms and swimming pools.

There are some companies that offer retreats based on food, that is they design a meal plan for you during your stay that they say will improve digestion and wellbeing. They have nutritionists available to discuss your particular needs and to advise you on any dietary changes you need to make.

Weekend romantic getaways

With all travel and holidays cancelled for the foreseeable future, many of us are already starting to plan our next getaway even if it cannot happen until next year. There is so much uncertainly about at present that no one really knows when we will be able to go away again, but there is no harm in planning. It has been said that it may cost a lot more to go aboard in the short term following the lifting of lock down as the airlines and hotels will still have to adhere to social distancing so only be able to have a fraction of the amount of people on a plane compared to previous.

Having a romantic getaway can be just what a couple needs especially after having been stuck in the house for months on end. Depending on how long you want to go away for and how much money you want to spend will help you narrow down the selection.

City breaks are a great way to explore, enjoy night life and know that you have little travelling to do once there. They often offer a variety of accommodation to suit most budgets and have a wealth of activities to do. It may be the short flights do not see a massive hike in price so a city break to Italy, France or Spain may be perfect.

If you fancy a spot of shopping and a beach holiday then you may want to head to Barcelona which really does have it all.

fun holidays with all the family

Most adults have fond memories of going on holiday as a family when they were younger. It didn’t really matter where you went or even if the weather wasn’t great, it was just great to be altogether doing something that you enjoyed. Lots of children love just having a change of scenery and being able to spend time with their parents doing fun activities. These activities don’t have to cost a lot, it can be simple things like building sand castles on the beach or going for a walk in the woods.

Holidays can be expensive and therefore many people can only afford to go once a year or every other year, but you don’t have to put off going away because you only have a small budget. You can still have a great holiday on a tight budget if you are willing to go back to basics a bit. A ten pitch can cost as little as £5 per night in the UK. This will be on a very basic site but if you are only planning on being in the tent for sleeping you do not need to worry much about the entertainment on site and facilities. Do some research on the local area as you may be able to find a number of free places to visit such as parks and museums.