Planning a holiday – where to start?

When looking to plan a holiday it can be hard to know where to start there are so many options of where to go and what to do and how to get there that it can all feel a bit overwhelming! The best way to tackle it is to break it down into more manageable task.

First you need to have a think about what type of holiday you’d like to have, adventure, relaxing, sightseeing or a city break.

Next you’ll need to think about your budget as this will effect where you go for your holiday and at what time of year. You may need to compromise on some things to find something that works for you so think about what’s most important to you from your holiday destination.

Next compare accommodation and flights by shopping around to get the best deals and read reviews to check what others are saying about the place as they may have some valuable advice to pass on to you.

Once you’ve decided don’t hang around about getting it booked as flight prices can change quite often so it’s best to secure your deal early to avoid disappointment.

Failing that you could of course throw caution to the wind and book a last minute break away and still have a fab time!