Relax and enjoy that camping holiday

Many people are going to be camping for their holiday this year and although it may not be top of the list when you think about a relaxing break it is possible to enjoy a camping holiday with the family and get some rest and relaxation at the same time.

The key to getting the most out of a camping holiday is forward planning. Although nothing can be done to ensure good weather for your holiday if you are prepared for both rain and shine your holiday should be successful.

If you have young children with you then it is sensible to take plenty of games and other activities with you to keep them occupied throughout the day giving you time to read a good book or sit in the sun for an hour. Young children will obviously need adult supervision at all times but if you are on holiday with another adult taking turns to play with the children means that you each get time to relax.

At home most of us try to eat healthily with as little processed food as possible but to make life easier on a camping holiday try to take as much convenience food with you as possible to cut down on the amount of cooking you will need to do or buy take away food if it is available. Washing up is not simple when camping so think about using disposable plates and cutlery for some meals or get the whole family involved and have a rota for washing up duties.