Taking your pet dog on holiday

As the cost of putting your pet dog in kennels for your annual holiday rises, many people are considering taking their dogs with them.

If you are holidaying in the United Kingdom with your dog your main concerns are going to be whether the accommodation is suitable and whether there is going to be a place to safely leave your dog if you are eating out as most restaurants have a policy where only assistance dogs are allowed.

However, if you want to take your dog abroad, forward planning is essential.

Taking a dog abroad has become easier more recently with the pet travel scheme.

This scheme is designed so that diseases such as rabies can be prevented from spreading to other countries. If your pet is not registered under the scheme, it may have to spend four months in quarantine, which would be stressful for both the animal and owner.

To be eligible for the scheme, a dog must be fitted with a microchip and have been vaccinated against rabies at least twenty-one days previously. A vet can issue a pet passport to prove that the vaccinations have been given.

It is important to remember that different countries have different rules so always check before booking your holiday.