Travelling abroad for a wedding

Sometimes couples choose to get married abroad. This can be for a number of reasons such as it being a specialist place for them, wanting to get married somewhere hot or on a beach or because it is cheaper for them. Weddings abroad can be beautiful and you may be able to rely more on the weather but there are extra complications that come with it and you may find that not all your guests are able to go.

If money is not an issue then you may be able to offer to contribute towards people’s flights or accommodation and this can be quite costly. Lots of people that come may decide to make a holiday out of it and will stay for a week or so. If you cannot contribute towards the cost or even if you do, you may still find many of your guests are not able to attend.

You need to find out what all the laws are for the country you are going to and if you will then need to register your marriage when you get back home. You need to plan which caters you are going to use and also how you are going to transport all your luggage such as dresses, suits and accessories.