What level of insurance cover do you need when planning a skiing trip?

Winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding and sledging are often additional extras on our holiday travel insurance policies rather than being included as standard cover. The costs involved if you have an accident when on this type of holiday can be exorbitant as you may need to be rescued by helicopter if you injury yourself in an area that is inaccessible to vehicles, you may not be able to return on your scheduled flight, need to stay additional nights at your hotel and have to pay medical costs therefore it is definitely worthwhile purchasing additional cover which is not usually too expensive.

The fine print of your policy will need to be examined to check which specific winter sports activities are covered and whether there are any conditions for example some policies state that skiing off-piste will only be covered if you are accompanied by a guide or only recommended routes are allowed.

If you are a frequent traveller an annual multi-trip policy is advised as this usually works out cheaper and is more convenient.

As with most holiday travel insurance policies any pre-existing medical conditions must be declared, or the insurance could be invalid which would result in a huge cost to you.